Welcome to Australian School of Reiki. 

What  is Reiki Energy ?

Reiki is the technique  used  to  harness  more  universal energy  for self ,  and  others.

How  does  it work?

Reiki  training  requires an  attunement  to the energy , which  a  master/teacher  has been  taught  to  do. It  then  opens  up the  crown  chakra to  harness more  of this universal  energy  when  the  hands (  magnets  the  energy is  drawn  to) transfers  that  energy  to  the body of your  self  or  clients for  the  body  to utilise as chi.  Similar  to  acupuncture  or  thi chi  or any other energy transferral  system,   it creates  a  flow  of  energy  through  the  body  to  eliminate  stagnate  and  diseased   energy.


Why  choose  Reiki?

It  works  for  the  non  believer and  can  never harm  anyone.  It  does  not  need  any  self  practice  exercises   for  it  to  work,  simply  put  your  hands  on   which  creates  a  magnetis  flow  and  opens  the crown  chakra  to feed  this  need.  It  is  not  religious  nor  is  it  requiring  you  to  practice  every  day  ,   it  will  work   for   the  rest  of your  life.

About  the   School

The school was founded in Sydney in 1997 by Joanne Willoughby. Joanne's training in Reiki began in 1988 with Rev Beth Grey. She used Reiki extensively during her career as a Deputy Matron and later as a nursing sister in a oncology ward. She brings to the school a wealth of knowledge of the application of Reiki to the sick and dying. She shares this knowledge with her students and welcomes the student into the beginning of their own healing process. Joanne has filled the need for quality courses in Reiki and standards which equips her students with sound knowledge and the support needed to become a competent Reiki practitioner. Joanne has National recognized training qualifications certificate 1V , and has lectured extensively throughout community colleges in Sydney    she  continues to do on a regular  basis . She  holds  tantric  certification ,she is  registered  to  practice  nursing , hypnotherapy, past life  regression, psychotherapies, cosmetic nursebeautician.

Our   school now  is teaching  soul  coaching  along with  hypnosis   diploma   on  e- learning

We  offer  live  reiki psychic readings  and  treatments skype joann.willoughby1 , seed of  light meditations which  are  open  to  all   those  seeking   truth  within themselveslive  on  line friday 8pm   also  on skype  .

Our graduates  are all wanting to gain peace  and  understanding as  well as  healing  in  their lives.  Our  school  is  the  first  to  design  a  signature  treatment   with  reiki crystal  massage for  those  who  want  to  add  another  dimension to  their  practice.  Reiki  crystals   are for  sale  through  the  school and  are  designed   to  be  used   by   the   general  public   to  assist  them  in  nuturing   themselves

We   understand  that  many  of  our  students  are   already  healers  and   respect  all  modalities  of  healing   .We will   assist  them  in   showing  how   reiki   can  blend with    that  therapy.   This   will   be  done   in  class   so  be  sure  to   make  Joann  aware  of   what  other  practices   you  use  to   heal.

For  personalised   service  and  quality  written  manuals   with  each  certificate  level The   school  prides  it   self  in  information  that  is  invaluable   through  the   school  which  is  not  obtained   outside  the  medical   field.     Joann  has   used   reiki   in  mainly   medical   conditions   which   were   untreatable   and   gained  success.  Believing   if  you give  the  body  the   right  conditions   to  heal   itself   anything  is  possible.

Energy  of  the  mind   affects  the  body   and   the   emotion  so  this  is  the   key . Healthly  mind  is  essential   and  reiki    can   do  that  for   you  without  extensive   counselling  programs. You  may  ask  how ,  it  natural  as  reiki  is   relaxing   affecting  the  parasympathetic  nervous   system.

This   is   essential   for   stress   ,  and   massage   therapist  have  to   mannulipate the  muscle to  obtain  this   result.   Reiki   is   just  touch  no  movement of   muscles  and   has  the  same   result.

I have   developed  a technique  with  reiki   to   relieve  pain,   and   called  it   ryosokui   dragon  breath   healing.  This is  done  with  breath  and   your  hands  and  can  be  applied   for  self  pain or  the pain of  others.

Massage  therapist   will  be interested in another  technique   I  have   developed,   called   Reiki  release  similar  to myofacia  technique

 Reiki  Practitioner is given  the  use of the  reiki  symbols  which  will  only  work  when  initated   to   them through a  attunement.    These symbols   are   the  original   tools   that  make   reiki   a   stand  alone   therapy.    The  internet  has open  many  of  these   symbols  to   be   available  to  the  pubic  ,    because   the   degree  of  secrecy before   lead   reiki  to  be  thought  of  a   something   questionable.  But   they  will  not   work   unless   a master  has   attuned   you  to   them.


A message from one of our customers

My connection with Joann and the Sydney School of Reiki began earlier this year when my nephew’s wife was immersed in excruciating pain. Feeling helpless and nowhere to turn (she was getting the best medical attention) I decide to gift them with reiki healing sessions to ease her pain. Her healing was done through distant healing.

When my son started university, being with the wrong mix of friends my son started smoking marijuana. I discovered this accidentally when he didn’t log off his facebook account. I was shocked and terrified of what would happen to him if he continued down this path especially when ice and all sorts of illegal substances are radially available. You just have to watch the news to see the devastating impact of drugs which tear up families. I didn’t want this to happen to my family.

Fearing for my son’s life and the spiralling path of destruction I knew where his life was headed, I decided to contact Joann and after reading information on Sydney school of Reiki. I thought that I had to physically take my son to her. This was going to be a challenge because he would not go.  Joann said the healing could be done via distance healing. This was a huge relief. Every Sunday for 7 weeks my son received distant reiki chakara healing from Joann. A few minutes after each healing Joann, sent me via email, an mp3 recording of the healing session. This was excellent because we could listen to the recording and it there were any questions Joann was always available and was contactable through her phone or via email.

The effect of the healing on my son:

  • He sleeps better and comes home every night
  • He has reconnected with friends who he had lost touch with
  • He eats better and has reinvigorated his soccer and basketball games with friends
  • He takes more interest in Indian prayer functions
  • His overall health has improved- skin and lip colour, fresher complexion, horrible throat infection has gone, taking better care of his food and exercising.
  • He doesn’t sound angry when talking to his family and his mannerisms are calmer.
  • He spends more time at home just relaxing and not always rushing to go out.
  • I can speak to my son without him getting agitated and brushing off what I was saying. 

There are various types of courses and certifications provided in Australian School of Reiki.There are different levels in the certifications that includes level 1,level 2, Master level and the Teacher level.Each of these certifications have their own benefits and it offers a variety of techniques in the contest healing and good health.

The two level of Sacred Rays Certificates are also included under this courses context. These certificates aim in developing transfer of energry
level between individuals and also with the concepts of natural healing.

Apart from these certifications, australian school of reiki offers Soul coaching diploma, Crystal massage accredition, Aromatherapy
and much more.

 Diploma in Hypnotherapy  on line

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 An Uplifting, powerful and amazing experience."   Karen Gentles

"An unexpected turn of the journey of life."   Milly Kreich

"Calming need time to think about what happened."   Anne Bryson

"This afternoon I feel very calm and at peace. Thank you."   Louise Stratte

"The joy and pleasure of listening to myself was retaught to me today by you - Thank you."   Rochelle Martin

"A truly enlightening experience." - Thank you.   Sue Malliate

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