Joann Willoughby   

Diploma in Hypnotherapy  E Learning
Why do  this course?
It is taught  on line,  in  the convenience  of your own  home.
Grading  is fair as it done automatically  each week  by a e-learning tool
The course is design and  taught by  a  clinical hypnotherapist of 18yrs  experience in the field
 I  am a registered nurse who started out  doing hypnotherapy in a onocology ward whilst  administrating chemotherapy. My experience  is of a medical orientation
The course  delivers  100 hours of  face  to  face  via  skype.
You may self  pace  the diploma and  complete it  earlier if  required speak  to  Joann about  the convenient times  for  the  face to face  delivery  that  suits  you.
I have  designed it  to give you the  tools you  need to set up practice  as  soon as you finish.
You will  design scripts,  brochure for your practice  as  part  of  the grading.
Spoken and written English is desirable
It is an inclusive learning environment, age , gender , race  or social aspects along with disabilities are accounted for.
Education level is secondary  school   level.
This course will require  purchasing the book  by Michael  Yapko 'Trance  works

24 sessional plans, interactive on line course which includes pdf downloads, quiz, videos and grading online, conferencing on line, 100 hours online teaching.  off line project to be submitted prior to finishing  the course it may be uploaded in pdf format .
Topics  covered   listed  below.
History of hypnotic approaches                                               
Myths and misconceptions of hypnosis
Specific theories for hypnotic phenomena
Assessment of hypnotisability
Contexts of hypnosis
Human suggestibility
The mind and how it works – conscious and unconscious processes
Induction techniques (for adult and child subjects)
Deepening techniques
Structuring suggestions
Hypnotic communication
Indications for hypnosis
Contraindications for hypnosis
Limitations, complications and adverse effects
Therapeutic implications of the hypnotic state
Symptom removal
Imagery techniques
Hypnosis in the behavioural therapies
Hypnosis in the psychodynamic therapies
Specific techniques (e.g. of Hilgard, Spiegel, Erickson, etc)

For  those  who  have counselling diplomas then there is no  need  to complete  the 30 hour  counselling  for hypnotherapist.You will need  to  supply  the necessary  documentation though. 

 This  component  is  extra  and  will  take  30  hours   of   counselling  on  line.  You will  be  expected  to complete  a  grading  on  line  and up  load an  assignment.
Instinct  attitudes and  emotions
Cross culture  studies.
Normal  and  abnormal behavior.
Defense  mechanisms).
Neurosis  and  Psychosis..
Personality disorders
Drug  and  alcohol  dependency
Organic  brain  disorders
The counselling relationship
Characteristics  or  qualities of  the  counselor
Aims  of  counseling
Appropriate  counseling  behavior
Observational  skill
Counselling  treatment   program
Patterns of  communication
Observation skills - individual styles and perception
Use of questions and language - opening communication - timing in therapy
Eliciting and reflecting meaning
Exploring clients' values and beliefs
Beginning and terminating  the  interview
Stages of  the counseling  process
Normalizing emotional  states
Exploring clients  options
Dealing  with depression and anger
Terminating  the  interview
Ethical and professional issues related to professional practice
Multicultural issues in counseling
Gender issues in counselling
Developmental/lifespan issues in counselling
Encouraging, paraphrasing and summarising - reflection of clients' feelings
Selecting the appropriate counseling strategy
Use of confrontation
Changing  attitudes  and  feeling
Identifying  inappropriate behavior
Egans  model of counseling
Non directive or client  based  therapy
Freud  and  Psychoanalysis
Condition reflex therapy
Behavioral  therapy…
Grief  counseling


 Facility to connect with teacher via email or skype for support.
On completion you will have an Australian qualification, that can lead to entry level into university in Australia and is accredited by the ASCH allowing those who complete the course to apply for full membership and health fund benefits for your clients.
You may complete this course in your own home
100hours  face  to  face  on  skype,  for the diploma in hypnotherapy component   during  the  course.
and 30 hours  face to  face on skype for  the  counselling  for  hypnotherapist  component. 
The course is designed and taught by
Joann Willoughby  Hypnotherapist since 1990  Full member of the since 1995