Reiki Practitioner's treating Asthma#.

An asthmatic friend commented today that she felt her health was the best it has been for about 10 years . She hasn't had an asthma attack# for about four months, and has felt much more relaxed, since having about five Reiki treatments.

This reminded me about a recent experience with a 77 year old relative, who has been asthmatic since childhood. As he has become older he pays great penalties if he over exerts himself physically, sometimes having to sleep sitting up in an armchair to reduce the discomfort. He describes it like a tight band around his chest and up under his arms, that stops him taking in a deep breath. If he lays down flatter, the lack of air makes him distressed and his heart rate speeds up and pounds in his chest increasing his problems.

He has been a reluctant Reiki client, but allowed me to give him a session to see if it would help him. After laying him down propped up on three pillows, his heart began racing, but within two to three minutes of applying Reiki to his head, his heart rate had slowed down. His breathing then became much slower and deeper and actually fell asleep. I applied the first eight hand positions over his body, then spent time over the uncomfortable areas towards his armpits.

After the session his response was one of surprise that he had been able to lay there comfortably for so long.His heart was not racing and there was no tightness in his chest, he said he was standing up straighter and loved how relaxed he felt. He went home and had the best nights sleep he had had in a long while.


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