Why Reiki?

I really think its just down to choosing a more energetic healthy you

Reiki energy is Self-directed no expensive tools of trade required.

Holistic healing takes place from simple hand application.

Heals both the recipient and the giver

Requires no self exercise to apply Reiki life connection and channel for the energy restores balance to physical, mental and emotional life alleviates negative beliefs Reiki Does not require a belief in Reiki for it to work.

Reiki is God conscious energy

Reiki Is Chi which is life force energy

Reiki can heal the past and future

Reiki can be sent to a distance

Reiki is simple to learn

Reiki can never harm

Reiki brings people together to serve their highest good

Reiki assists people on their own spiritual path

Reiki comforts the sick, infirmed and dying

Reiki is thousands of years old and has brought about compassion and forgiveness to the lives it has touched, restoring unconditional love


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