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By offering several programs, Australian School Of Reiki gives you the tools to gain an advantage through specialized training to meet the needs of a energy healer. People come to a healer for many different reasons having more tools to suit the need only stands to reason.
Joann is a gifted clairvoyant, counsellor hypnotherapist ,registered nurse and meditation teacher.She teaches only that which she has found helpful from experience. Numbers in a class are kept to minimum. If you have been taught at another school and can display your teacher Name and from what linage you will gain some credits.
Be aware  that I Master/teachers  who have my full teachings

Reiki 1 Certificate course

Reiki 1 is the beginning of Usui Reiki technique,  attuning the physical body to heal through touch of the hands. You can apply Reiki through clothing and it requires no self belief that it works. It is a ancient technique handed down from Master Sensi to Student. The Sensi will perform a practice of an attunement for it to work. This attunement has different linages as the Sensi.. My Reiki is from Rev Beth Gray a traditional method . I added a  independent linage from Simmon Tresylan As the traditional school only passed on the Teachers level to a select few . I felt Reiki needed to be open up to many teachers .

This course can be delivered in person at my Sydney locations or it  can be delivered via zoom attunements , once you register/ pay you will be sent a link to join  online $295.00 

In person is $395.00 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki 2 certificate course

A Perfect Fit for those wanting to help themselves and others on emotional side of life. It is the next level of Usui Reiki  techinique. Again you will need another Attunement by Master Sensi to be passed to the student. At this level it helps relationships, memories, addictions by creating harmony on the emotional body, You will learn  skills to apply it to your own emotions and others , Along with being able to send Reiki energy to another individual without having to touch them! Just think you can connected to relatives overseas  and the Reiki will follow the name vibration of the person you wish to heal. It is not invasive as it is only accepted by their higher self and if the lower self wants to accept it then the healing occurs. Truly great for sexual abuse and PTSD., along with depressions and most problems arising from the mind. If doing this course on line you will have to download the course and meet me on line via zoom or whatsapp or msn  for attunements 

On line it is $395 you will register/pay ,down load the manual and complete the e- learning .Once completed you will  attend Attunement  via a link to a Zoom meeting 

In person  $495 Sydney


Reiki  3 Master Practitioner Certificate

Reiki 3 Practitioner is designed for the Spiritual / Soul  body. You will learn how to heal Karmic patterns and align yourself with your spirit soul self. Allowing positive energy to flow into your aura and will heal by your presence. Even if  psychic attack from others have effected , they will not be able to penetrate your Auric field !A blessing in itself as you no longer need to worry about black magic it will bounce off you and heal the perpetrator.!

You can  heal past lives , do  energy reading and chakra balancing

Plus heal the aura of the client

 Reiki 3 Practitioner level is the highest energy of Reiki system. It is a wonderful energy to enhance your spiritual growth .

$1595 in person


Reiki Master teachers Course

What You Need

Our Reiki Master Teachers Course 
Is taught only to those who have completed the complete strand of reiki by the ASR. You will have come through a lot of spiritual growth and when Usui feels you are worthy of learning to be a teacher the opportunity will present itself
I will teach you how to attune students to each level and you will practice these attunements in my presence. You will get the lesson plans for each certificate level however  my manuals will be purchased through the school to keep a set standard of practice. I have gained years of experience and these insights are shared with you and printed for your students and their students . The are copyright remains mine.



Learn about the nine sacred rays and the relationship to numerology. Combining this with psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy/ Leading your client to wellness . This can be done 4 hours a week  for 35 weeks whattsapp  2 hour hour sessions  twice a week

$3400 can be paid at commencement of  term payment $1100aud with final payment $1200

Visa card facilities available  

During this course you will work with a client to identify they purpose, what is blocking them with repetitive patterns . Lead them into a meditation designed for them to approach this insight with confidence.

Numerology is far more than just.jpg
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Reiki Master PractitionerCertificate
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Online 20 March 2020
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Reiki 2 attunement And course
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Online attunement
Complete the enrollment form then download the course and once completed please email me and I will set up a zoom meeting

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