Ancient ley lines can enhance the attunement's to master-ship.It can help you reconnect with your healing abilities . It is very common to experience memories of past lives you had here.

It makes your committment to the reiki path that much stronger. 

Reiki master practitioner course over 2-3 days depending on the size of the group

I will take 2 days in between rest  and then go on to teach teachers level over 5 days.

The course is $4,500 in total plus gst

Course  manual ,crystals  along with accommodation and flights are extra

but can be organised by the ASR

Usually I run these courses twice a year the  next course is in January 2020  and again in July 2020

please email me for  the program

Welcome to Australian School Of Reiki

Welcome to heighten attunements on Ley Lines  In sacred sites in Egypt

Ley lines are magnetic areas in the earth. It is a known fact that the prehistoric circles of this island follow a path, where the stone circle has been built, there is the culmination of energy which was used by the ancient people.


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Reiki Shares

Get Involved

At Australian School Of Reiki, we believe in a holistic learning experience. One of the most popular activities is Reiki shares, hosted throughout the year. To find out how to get involved, contact us today.

Off-Campus Activities

Added Value

Visit ancient sites and get to spend some quiet time walking across this great spiritual energy  . You will have some meditative time to bring you into your power by a past life regression led by Joann


Complete level of Practitioner Energy

Reiki master  practitioner is on the healing of the soul. It is a completion of the energy needed to heal your clients. And at this level you will know if you want to teach.

Attuments on spirtiual Ley Lines to REIKI TEACHER LEVEL

Class Curriculium

Reiki Master Teacher, on location in Egypt Joann will guide you through the passing on of the energy to others. You will need to bring you course work set out for you upon enrollment.You may wish to attune a partner or family member to your school of reiki . Joann will oversea that .

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