Reiki Treatment

Reiki  share  by conference call

Sharpen your skills with Joann Leading a group healing

Life has many twists and turns , so now I would like to reconnect our healing abilities . You will need to be a Reiki 11 distant healer , and forward me your certification if not from my school. 

I would like to work with each of you.

Allowing each participant a chance for some distant healing as well as sending some healing  to others on our conference call.

This allow a feed back and is particularly helpful in gaining experience

My time I have for this is every Sunday

australian time 5-7 pm

group 1  from 5-6pm     (4 )students

group 2 from 6 pm- 7 pm 4 (students)

this gives us 15minutes each

I will call each participant and add them to the call

please  email me your phone number and  time you want and date

click on the button below

+61 2 85012272 or 040 522 1592

7 Preston Ave
Engadine, 2233

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