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Reiki Linage

Since 1997 the Australian School of Reiki has been teaching Reiki to students that embrace the journey of becoming a teacher

Joann Willoughby has taught Reiki teachers as listed below

Mathew Carlos   

Elaine Booker

Rhonder Campbell

Janice lett 

Millie Kifa

Denise Wood 

Marly Jones

Jackyln Briggs 

Carmel Adie- Dever

Yvonne George

Michelle Theunissen


Lorraine Bollington

Richard Bauhof

Lee Mackie

Lorraine Cox

Raynor Lander

Melinda Smith

Anne Buckingham

Colin Johnsen

Kristina Lee

Lyn White

Saleem Sarkis

Dianne Valloto

Lidia O'Connor

Pam Vickers

Lorriane Tricca

Syian Astles

 Adam Wiltshire

John Yiomelakis

​Tom Jones

Ray Mitchell

 Joan William

Name withheld

Joann's Linage

Joann Willouby.jpg

Joann Willoughby

Reiki 1, Reiki 11
1988 & 1989
Beth grey
Reiki 111/ teachers 
1997 Simon Treslyan

Beth Grey

ReikiTeacher October 1979
deceased 2008
came to Australia 1984
taught by
Hawayo Takata

Simon Treslyan

Reiki Teacher
taught by
Phillis Furuoto
Carol Farmer/Pat Jack
Leah Smith 
William Rand  / June Woods

Reiki teachers will be taught on location only.

Please ring as it needs 3 days plus 2 days practice.

Schedule a Tutoring Session Today! Call Now: +61 405 221 592 : Egypt +20 100 184 1179
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