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I've completed my reiki masters level with the Australian School Of Reiki Joann was my teacher,  She is amazing ,and she is very knowledgeable in her 30 years experience  She has taught me everything I need to know about reiki and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I live it and breathe it now and it has changed my family life for the better. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She has been very understanding and patient with me. I like that she offers one on one sessions, which you don't find often because many reiki courses online are classes full of people which can be intimidating. I like the individual sessions and the weekly check-ins with Joann. She actively listens to my questions and helps me as much as she can. I completed my cert 1 with Joann and luckily enough I was able to see her before the lockdown to complete it, the attunement as amazing the sensation I felt during the attunement was overwhelmingly good..then lockdown happened and I had to complete my cert 11 and masters via distance (online) I still felt the vibrations and energy during my attunements for level 11 and masters. As we all know we are energy in itself it does not matter where you are you can feel the energy.  I highly recommend Joann to anyone who is interested in learning reiki. She truly is an amazing master to learn from.  I know that with all this knowledge I have attained I will be a great practitioner/ master. 

Thankyou Joann.

Sarah T.

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