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  • How does Reiki benefit me?
    Reiki is of benefit to your energy levels , and can create a parasympathetic nervous system response. Therefore creates a relaxed state of body and mind,when receiving and giving Reiki. The energy can assist your body to heal itself , given that you are in a relaxed state. Allowing homeostasis of the body's energy. Reiki works with other modalities of health and healing. Learning the skill allows you more scope with your clients and benefits them. Other Benefits after repetitive use I have found the principles of Reiki begin to take place. They follow below Just for today do not worry -Accept Just for today do not anger - Accept Be grateful for your Blessings. Just for today be kind to all living things Just for today do a honest days work
  • What can Reiki treat in others?
    Chronic illness Acute illness Blood disorders ( including cancer) Common burns , cuts and bruises Migraines Emotional addictions ( including relationships) Blood pressure Heart attacks Asthma Attacks Migraines Drug and alcohol addictions Dementia ( halting disease progression Leg ulcers. Anxiety , panic and depression ​ There just a few I have had success with, there is much more and I welcome any of your successes to be added. Just email me the story and treatment frequency and time it took to see improvement and I will publish it in reiki hints and practice:
  • How come Reiki courses are different prices on the market?
    You will find on the internet many different practitioners and teachers. You usually need to contact them and talk with them to see if you connect on a energetic level. My experience level is what you pay for . Since 1989 I have used Reiki every day in some shape or form.I have run a successful teaching business since 1997 and taught over 7500 students. My orientation with reiki is healing the body , mind and spirit . My prices are within traditional prices for the seminars . If you need a payment plan please phone me. Everyone should be allowed the opportunity to learn.
  • Can I learn over zoom?
    As the covid 19 virus has definitely changed the scope of our business I have decided to just simply run my workshops as I would in class on zoom. Only difference is the attunements . You will spend the day 9.30am to 12.30pm having completed a lecture and question time , then a zoom attunement with you sitting on a chair and me passing the energy via distance. Lunch 12.30- 1.30pm 1-30 - 3-30pm zoom again and we will complete another 2 attunements with practical sessions in between. You will either practice Reiki on a person or a pillow while I observe you doing the treatment Of course there will be loads of questions and the more the better. Zoom is great as you have my full attention without class room distractions.
  • Can I review my Reiki class?
    You are most welcome to book another review session within the week that follows your initial certificate. Just drop me a email:
  • Can I attend reiki shares on line and practice with other students?
    You are most welcome to book into a reiki share We usually do them on line but you need to be reiki 11 as it is done via distance. Just drop me a email you never know when covid is over perhaps Reiki 1 can start their own share in person to practice their shill:
  • What about having a course in person?
    I do offer in persons courses in Sydney . However during covid safe regulations.You will be required to wear/ bring a mask and sanitizer for your protection. Classes at present are on Tuesday / Thursday/ Sat or Sunday at Engadine or Kogarah Bay Engadine is 3 mins from railway station YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE If you would like to do your class with only your friend or partner of by yourself please request at time of booking. I will need you Name you want on your certificate along with email and phone details.

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