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Australian School of Reiki

Joann Willoughby  SRN
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Joann Willoughby SRN Dip Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Workplace Trainer.

Your School's founder Joann Willoughby

Joann completed her First degree of Reiki in 1988 with master the Rev Beth Grey.


As an assistant director of nursing at a Nursing home in the south of Sydney. She was encouraged to do the course by her staff as a step towards holistic patient care.


During the following months she would apply it to the patients , much to her surprise it helped many illnesses. During this time she began to delve deeper and continued with Reiki 11 in 1989 . This proved to take her on a journey of  self discovery.


From which come further study over a broad spectrum  ranging from hypnosis to psychology . It was not until she nursed her dying mother in 1997  continue reading

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Teaching/ sessions  online via video conferencing
On location Australia  and  Egypt 2024
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Why Reiki
Reiki Treatment

Why Choose to Learn Reiki?

ASR Courses Approved Internationally 
Online Reiki 1, 11 accredited as well as in person

IICT membership is recognised in 27 countries worldwide; however, International modality recognition is subject to approval of regional insurance partners, regulation of ‘protected titles’ (see below), and regional/state training requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of any License(s), Registration(s), and regional/state training requirements in the countries/regions in which you are teaching courses. 


Below is a list of all 27 countries that IICT currently operates in:

UK and Europe: 

United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Latvia Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands

South Africa 

(covered under the EU/UK insurer)



Australia, New Zealand


United States



Please note that Canada is not currently accepting new modality applications.

Please contact us for special considerations.


Proven Success:

Reiki Attunements

Reiki is a unique Japanese energetic healing technique Discovered by Dr Usui in the early 1800's. What sets Reiki apart from other self practices to enhance energy is that there is no  continued practice for it to work. There is however a attunement  process that a master performs and passes to the student to activate the ability to channel the Reiki energy. 

There fore no matter if you are not good at the theory you will be successful in becoming a Reiki channel.


Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

There are many different schools and Reiki master teachers, but at the Australian school of Reiki   recognized that the student is a individual with different set of circumstances. Therefore classes are offered through different methods. If in person you  require  to be the only student then this can be done on line or in person . Some prefer to learn in a group  or with friends, all can be accommodated .Flexibility is the key to your learning success. On line courses require  a zoom connection either from your iPhone or computer. Never has learning been this easy.


Individualized & Customized Learning Plans

Classes can be taken in person or on line you can complete certificate 1 then do some home practice then continue to Reiki 11 certificate, the timing in between is up to you.However to practice in business it is required for you to complete the 3 tiers of Reiki.

Some students like to complete the whole system of Reiki 1, 11 , 111 practitioner in one package at a greatly reduced rate. This can be arranged  and if you would like to stay on location  we have accommodation in  our Sydney office.It would take 5 days on location to complete.


Certificate of Completion for Every Level

All graduates obtain a certificate , I am a certified trainer with qualifications in workplace trainer. And a Registered nurse with Diplomas in counselling and Hypnotherapy. My school offers the student a broad base  of expertise in the industry. Students can be insured by A J Gallaher paramedical insurers with the proof of completion of Reiki 1,11,& 111 You can  join  IICT  association to become insured also.

Graduates have my support post certification should they need via email.

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Introduced to Reiki at Macarthur community College in March 2001.Decided to pursue the concept and learn about the techniques at the full day programe on 26th May. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for a number of years and this condition became apparent at the introductory session.  From mid April through May,Joann willoughby undertook six (6) treatments at Reiki House. During the course of these treatments, the condition improved dramatically. The treatments improved insight into conditions likely to aggravate the pain. The improvement was progressive and after the third treatment the pain which under some circumstances was intense, became almost "controllable". Advice on stress management during this treatment was of a major benefit and,I believe, a key contributing factor in the control of this chronic condition. Joann was able to Identify possible causes of stress and advise on possible solution through attitude adjustment" -Tony

Reiki Treatment

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Engadine Sydney NSW

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