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5 reiki positions on bring blood pressure down

The effects of Reiki on Blood presure

by Joann Willoughby RGN Reiki Master teacher Advanced level techniques.

Subject. Female 54 suffering from chronic stress by work related trauma.

Observations prior to reiki session

BP sitting between 190/ 100 and 150/84. Measured in the recumbent position and standing no postural drop. No history of kidney or heart disease

Complained of feeling Anxious

Respirations 18

Pulse 96.

Client placed in the semi Recumbent Position on Massage bed. Soft ambient music playing in the background. Eye covering To eliminate visual stimuli and Enhance Quieting of the mind. Blanket for comfort . The environment is within my home office setting

Reiki can be applied to many levels , to treat the physical level hands go over the main organs and the client is fully dressed. Tissues are placed over the eyes and head for hygiene .Then eye pillow over the top.Rub some essential oil on your hands to enhance the experience. Please remember to wash hands prior and after treatment

Reiki 1 basic level hand positions are as follows.

1. Head for five minutes

  1. Eyes for five minutes

  2. Carotid artery (lateral neck) both sides , whilst head elevated on 2pillows no lower than heart position as if lower the blood pressure will rise

  3. Hands over heart 5 minutes

4. Reiki advance level techniques

Sit at the head of the bed

Hands over crown and proceed with emotional and mental cleanse . This should take you 20 minutes. Then proceed with 5

Reiki master Soul Healing techniques

Finish Off with grounding technique

for the remaining time

Treatment time 1hour

Be sure to record your finding to see the progress as you go. Listen to the feed back and ask appropriate questions related to stress levels Prior to treatment and after and record

Observation Before getting off massage bed 145/ 86 respiration 16

Pulse 78

No anxious feelings notes reported feeling very relaxed

Repeat weekly sessions the same

Technique over 7 sessions

Physical changes

Reported feeling less stressed blood pressure within normal range

Emotional changes

Client Reports she was handling the work environment by not taking offence to

The comments made and was able to leave work at work

Flowed up after 4 months found she decided to study reiki herself

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