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Its offical what we have known that for years. Now offical studies prove the benefits of Reiki !Recent studies shows reiki relieves stress by lowering blood pressure and anxiety associated with many illnesses . Pain is also lowered

for those suffering post operatively and chronic pain of cancer .

These studies also show Reiki has an effect on Dementia . The Reiki can be administered by fully trained Reiki practitioners in person and also via distance

At the Australian school of Reiki hand positions for medical conditions taught by Registered nurse Joann Willoughby

after many years using reiki with her patients she has found certain hand positions are beneficial at lowering

chronic blood pressure . Along with

assisting cancer patients with their healing

journey , relieving pain and anxiety . Of course everyone energy levels are different at different times of the day Reiki

creates homeostasis with these fluctuations causing the hyperactive to slow down and the tired to be energised

The greatest thing about Reiki once taught the technique can be administered to yourself by yourself ! Just think you become proactive in your own health and wellbeing through sickness and health

That is so powerful in itself.

For those with more of a desire to help a sick relative it requires no self will to work

it is a science! so you cant fail

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