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this causes emotional and physical disease. Who takes care of our spirit when it gets sick?

in essence across the world many cultures, calling the person by different names but basically it is a Shaman. Psychologist Sandra Ingerman has written a book called SOUL RETRIEVAL.

During my years as a psychotherapist I have taught and rescued many soul's each unique and each benefited with me being a reiki practitioner. The combination is adding benefit to the work of a shaman.

This year I have decided to teach this as a certificate level of study. Teaching is in my practice with my guidance and joining you on this journey. Many souls are trapped by their own doing or through soul theft .You might ask how , say when a beloved dies he or she may be lonely when on the other side and take that living person essence along with them . The effect is the same as soul theft like symptoms of fatigue , and a inability to create new loving relationships . Some even become seriously ill or suffer the symptoms the deceased suffered prior to their passing. This causes a problem here and on the other side with the deceased also not being able to move on.

Here is where we can do a diagnostic journey as reiki 2 or 3 practitioners and heel whilst returning the soul to the body of the person suffering on earth.

This work is extremely benefical to your client it adds a extra tool in the healing

Please ring for information of the next course held in Australia and Egypt 2023

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